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OSS provides end-to-end multimedia storage technology for digital preservation, empowering your media assets to move seamlessly into disk, tape, and cloud storage from a single point of control.

OSS Infinidisc

Easy. Affordable. Accessible cloud storage.

OSS Vault

Secure. Scalable storage and asset management.


Seamless. Custom system solutions.

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About Our Technology

Over 20 Years of Archiving Data for Media & Broadcasting

OSS deploys archiving solutions that are economical and user-friendly. We offer tiered storage infrastructure so that you can confidently organize, store, and manage your data the way you want to. We combine cost-effective hardware and open-source software to give you freedom and flexibility for the entire lifecycle of your assets.

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“I have been using OSS-Vault solutions for digital archiving for years now, and I have always been impressed with the ease of implementation, management, and support I receive. Recently, we integrated our archives into Infinidisc-Cloud, which has enabled my team to have quick, secure access to store and manage our most critical media assets remotely and ramp down on-premises servers and libraries. Before the purchase, I compared other cloud providers, and the costs and hidden fees made Infinidisc an easy business choice to make!”

Steve Newsom Chief Engineer KBTC-TV (PBS)