Tape Libraries

Tape Archive/LTO Libraries

When you need truly massive amounts of archival there is no better choice than LTO technology. Storing up to 12TB's per cartridge LTO delivers unmatched storage capacity. LTO 8 is also blazingly fast with up to 360MB/s data transfer rate. Coupled with OSVault delivers the largest network accessible tape archive in the industry. 

The OSVault Tape Archive allows for the transparent copying of stored files to LTO-7 or LTO-8 tape cartridges, while retaining the most recent data on high speed disk. Support for multiple copies to physically separate tapes is also provided.


Formats: LTO - Rewritable,
LTO-WORM - Write Once
Media Capacity: Up to 12TB (LTO-8 Native)
Data Transfer Rate: Up to 360MB/s
Media Life Span: 30 Years

Capacity: 150 Terabytes to 58 Petabytes
# of Drives: 2-96
Exchange Time: 11 seconds average
MTSF: 2,500,000
Drive MTBF: 20,000 loads
Drive Interface: SAS or Fiber Channel
Robotics Interface: SAS or Fiber Channel

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