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The OS Vault Server can be used with a choice of tape or Optical Disk as the second “tier” of storage for archiving files.  Depending on the needs of your environment, Optical Disk Archive technology offers long file retention, WORM capabilities, and fast access within a data set to meet protection and recall requirements.

Optical Disk Technology has evolved from 4.7GB DVD drives to today’s 3.3 Terabyte Optical Disk Cartridge systems.  With a 50 year life span and backwards compatibility to previous ODA generations, it reduces media migration efforts to a minimum while preserving assets against the risk of damage from water, fire, and magnetic fields. 

As an optical technology, ODA offers faster access than tape for more of an “active archive” approach.  Like the tape-based system, the OS Vault Server presents a wide range of file-based interfaces, and manages the placement (and read access) of files and digital assets.  It “virtualizes” the Optical Disk Library for Media Management or Network Attached Storage applications, making your digital archive as powerful and useful as possible. 


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